QNU today

Research and Production of Nanofiber Membrane for Mask Filter Led by National-level Expert in QNU


Prof. Zhang Chuyang (left) instructs production on the spot.

Recently, the team led by a national-level expert, Prof. Zhang Chuyang of the School of Textile and Apparel of Quanzhou Normal University, has developed a new core filter material for mask, i.e. electrostatic-spinning nanofiber membrane, which has been tested and put into production.

The testing result shows that the filtration efficiency of the material surpasses 95%, which is up to the KN95 mask filtration standard. Compared with similar melt-blown fabrics, the new material is characterized by higher stability and lower pressure drop. It can be reused for many times and washed with water without affecting the filtration efficiency.

This material has been applied in the protective masks of Fujian Zhuyi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. At present, Zhang Chuyang's team is cooperating with Fujian Guanhong Industrial Co., Ltd. and Quanzhou Honghua Chemical Fiber Products Co., Ltd. on the further research of nanofiltration materials.

(Office of Academic Research & School of Textile and Apparel)