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Student Work of School of Literature and Communication Awarded Excellent Internet Audio & Video Work of Fujian Province in 2020


Recently, the work Ingenious Craftsmanship (produced by He Lianfeng, Shen Jieling, Wu Yatao, Zhang Yaqi, Yu Yuyun, Liu Yanqing & instructed by Yi Qiang) of the School of Literature and Communication of QNU was awarded the excellent Internet audio & video work of Fujian province in 2020. It would also be submitted to the National Radio and Television Administration to compete for the national award.

The nine-minute documentary Ingenious Craftsmanship, from the perspective of college students, focuses on the traditional hand-made mee sua (wheat starch noodles) of Houkeng village, Longhu town, Jinjiang city. It not only shows craftsmen's pursuit of perfection, but also is a precious historical record of the traditional skills, which have no one waiting in the wings to take the old generation's place.

The selection of excellent Internet audio & video works in 2020 is hosted by the National Radio and Television Administration. With 67 works in the provincial-level evaluation, only 16 works were finally shortlisted and submitted to the administration.


(School of Literature and Communication)