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12 Teachers of QNU Selected into Expert Database of Fujian Language


Recently, the Education Department of Fujian Province announced the expert database of Fujian language experts. QNU has 12 teachers shortlisted, more than any other university in the province. Among them, Wang Yongwei was selected as a language expert in policies and regulations, Dai Chaoyang and Wang Xi as experts in promotion of Chinese culture, Chen Yanling and Zeng Dewan as experts in language research and protection, Guo Zeqing and Chen Longbin as experts in language application, Huang Hongqiong and Yang Qiusheng as experts in Chinese character writing, Li Fengyin and Cai Yuhong as experts in Mandarin proficiency testing, and Tonglaga as an expert in language informatization.

According to the document issued by Fujian Language Commission on selection and recommendation of language experts, the event was carried out in phases of school recommendation, expert review and conference discussion. A total of 201 experts from Fujian province were shortlisted. They will participate in the language consultation, research, assessment and other important activities, so as to strengthen the legalization, standardization and specialization of language, and to further assist its high-quality development in Fujian province.


(Language Commission Office)