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Students from School of Fine Arts and Design of QNU won 94 national and provincial awards in the 12th NAADCCS


Recently, the results of National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students were announced. Works of students from the School of Fine Arts and Design of QNU won 8 national awards, among which the graphic work “Chando Colour: Red Rose and White Rose (Designer: Wu Yuhuang, Adviser: Chen Chaomiao)” won the national first prize, the 3 graphic works including “Wahaha: Sportsmate & a Choice of My heart(Designer:Li Shiyu, Adviser: Cai Shufen) won the third prize, and 4 works won excellence award. Works from QNU won 86 prizes in Fujian division competition, including 6 awards in graphic category, 50 in copywriting category, 2 in planning category, 28 in animation category, totaling 8 first prizes, 19 second prizes, and 59 third prizes.

Up to now, the NAADCCS has been held 12 times with 13 competitions, covering graphic category, film and television advertising, micro film advertising, short video advertising, animation category, interactive category, broadcasting category, planning category, copywriting category, etc.

As a national high-level college students competition of the discipline, the NAADCCS has cultivated college students' innovation and problem-solving ability, and carried forward the college students’ spirit of being creative. It has played an important role in the construction and reform of advertising design and other related application-oriented majors, the establishment of a mechanism for universities and enterprises to cultivate talents in coordination, and the promotion of social service ability in universities.

                                                                                                                               (School of Fine Arts and Design)