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QNU won six first prizes in Chinese Classics Recitation, Calligraphy and Speech Contests of Fujian


A few days ago, the results of the Chinese Classics Recitation, Calligraphy and Speech Contests of Fujian held by the Education Department of Fujian Province were announced. QNU won 6 first prizes, 12 second prizes and 13 third prizes for its works, ranking high among the prize winners in the province.

In the Chinese Classics Recitation Contest, Liu Xiaoying's Have I been in the Dream of Zayton won the first prize of the teachers group and was shortlisted for the national competition. Huang Danlin's Dear People won the second prize of the teachers group. Feng Chuan and Qiao Jiawei won the third prize of the students group.

In the Chinese Calligraphy Contest, four works of Wang Jintao, Gao Mengyuan, Sun Jiaqi and Li Xinxin won the first prize of the brush group of college students and the work of Lin Jingyi won the first prize of the pen group of college students.

With the theme of inheriting the excellent Chinese culture and eulogizing the great spirit of the times, the competition aimed to interpret the connotation of excellent traditional Chinese culture and highlight the charm of Chinese language and culture. Through competitions, exhibitions and performances, the contests led the public, especially the young people, to get close to Chinese classics and improve their language application ability while creating a good environment for inheriting Chinese classics and carrying forward excellent traditional Chinese culture.

(Language Commission Office, School of Literature and Communication)