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MOE Experts Visit QNU to Evaluate the Research Center of Silk Road Language and Culture of the National Language Commission Research Center


Five experts led by Prof. Su Xinchun, Director of the National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center for Education and Teaching Resources at Xiamen University, arrived at QNU on July 31st, as scheduled by the Department of Language and Information, the Ministry of Education (MOE), to conduct the evaluation  of QNU application for co-constructing the Research Center of Silk Road Language and Culture.

Led by Prof. Su Xinchun from Xiamen University, the panel also consists of Prof. Guo Xi from Ji'nan University, Mr. Huang Xing, researcher of the Institute of Nationalities at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Prof. Wang Hui from Zhejiang Normal University, and Prof. Zhang Jianmin from East China Normal University.

Participating in the events are also members of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director-General Wu Weiping of the Education Department of Fujian Province, and Division Director Su Yidui of Physical, Health, Arts Education and Language Information of Fujian Department of Education, Deputy Secretary-General of Quanzhou Municipal Government Wen Jinhui, Director of Education Supervision Office of Quanzhou Municipal Government Xu Changyu, university leaders Zhu Shize, Qu Guangqing, Chen Yabing, Huang Jiangkun, and delegates from relative departments and faculties.

In stage one of the debriefing session, Prof. Su Xinchun first introduced the purpose, tasks, and the panelists of the assessment.

Deputy Director-General Wu Weiping addressed the session on behalf of the Education Department of Fujian Province. He said, the Research Center of Silk Road Language and Culture aims to better serve the Belt and Road Initiative and the introduction of excellent Chinese language and culture to the world, and to provide scientific research service and policy  for the development of China’s language industry and the construction of China’s international discourse system.

Deputy Secretary-General Wen Jinhui of Quanzhou Municipal Government briefly introduced Quanzhou and the major achievements made by Quanzhou on carrying out the work of language information and promoting the inheritance and development of excellent traditional Chinese culture. He also invited guidance and support from the panel for Quanzhou’s work of language information and the construction of the Research Center of Silk Road Language and Culture.

QNU President Qu Guangqing elaborated on the university’s support for the construction of the Research Center of Silk Road Language and Culture in terms of funds, venues, institutions, personnel, and institutional guarantees as well as the establishment of “special academic zones”.

Prof. Su Xinchun,  gave full affirmation to the preliminary work of the school’s application for constructing the Research Center .QNU has very good infrastructure and hardware conditions, he said, and can provide key guarantees in terms of venues, references, personnel, funds, and management system for the construction and development of the Center. The panel believes that conditions are ripe for Quanzhou Normal University to construct the Research Center of Silk Road Language and Culture as one of the research centers of the National Language Commission. Through the construction of the Center, Quanzhou will be able to give full play to its unique geographical and resource advantages as the starting point of the maritime silk road and the national pilot zone of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

Deputy Director-General Wu Weiping expressed his sincere gratitude and acceptance of the experts’ support and suggestions. He also promised that more efforts would be made to support QNU to improve its construction plan for the center, and to build the research center into a distinctive, high-level, international think tank of language information which can provide all-around, multi-channel, in-depth language consultation for political and social services, and can better serve the high-quality development of China’s language industry.

President Qu Guangqing said university would work out a practical scheme to improve all aspects of the construction including funds, venues, institutions, personnel, and systems, so as to fully support and guarantee the construction and development of the research center.


The panel of experts conducted a comprehensive, in-depth, and detailed investigation on the operation, working ideas, academic teams, scientific research, talent cultivation, and physical conditions of the Research Center of Silk Road Language and Culture, as well as the situation of policy support, construction plan, and management system of Quanzhou Normal University . Before the debriefing session, the experts visited the Research Center for an investigation on its venues, literature references, the Ancient Pottery Museum, the School of Literature and Communication, the Calligraphy Research Base, and the Overseas Chinese Education Base of Fujian Province, etc.

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