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China Institute of Quanzhou Cultural Heritage Inaugurated at QNU


On December 21st, the signing and unveiling ceremony of China Institute of Quanzhou Cultural Heritage was held in Quanzhou Normal University.

The institute is jointly established by Peking University, Quanzhou Normal University, and Quanzhou Municipal People’s Government. Representatives attending the ceremony are from three sides, including Lei Xingshan, Dean of the School of Archaeology and Museology, Shen Ruiwen, Associate Dean, and Sun Hua, Director of Academic Committee of Peking University; He Jingping, Director of Conservation and Archaeology Department, Fujian Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Zhou Zhenping, Vice Mayor of Quanzhou Municipal People’s Government, and Chen Huiping, Director of Quanzhou Bureau of Culture and Tourism; Zhu Shize, Secretary of CPC QNU Committee, and Qu Guangqing, President of QNU.

Speaking on behalf of the School of Archaeology and Museology, Peking University, Lei Xingshan pointed out that the construction of China Institute of Quanzhou Cultural Heritage is a timely response and a powerful measure to implement the requirements of President Xi Jinping’s instructions to build archaeology with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese manner. It is also an important measure to promote the prosperity and development of cultural heritage in Quanzhou and to promote the construction of a first-class disciplines of the worldat the School of Archaeology and Museology of Peking University. Quanzhou has therich, high-quality and valuable cultural heritage. Peking University attaches great importance to the cooperation with Quanzhou by not only appointing experts to be the presidents of the institute, but also encouraging and supporting outstanding talents to work in Quanzhou to establish research teams and to assist Quanzhou in the management of cultural heritage and talent cultivation.

Zhou Zhenping addressed the ceremony on behalf of Quanzhou Municipal People’s Government. She pointed out that Quanzhou, being in the first batch of national historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council, has a long history with abundant and colorful cultural heritage. The establishment of the China Institute of Quanzhou Cultural Heritage is such a great event , which would be conducive to give full play to the advantages of Quanzhou’s rich historical and cultural resources as well as the advantages of disciplines and talents of the School of Archaeology and Museology of Peking University, and will help the exploration, protection, interpretation and dissemination of Quanzhou’s excellent cultural heritage. Quanzhou municipal government will give full support to the institute in terms of policies, funds, and projects.

Addressing the ceremony on behalf of Quanzhou Normal University, Zhu Shize introduced the progress of implementing the “three-step” development strategy of the university and expressed his gratitude to the leaders at all levels and all walks of life for their support in the construction and development of QNU. He said QNUkeeps striving to improve its educational level and strengthin recent years,and has been ranking as Double-Top  University , authorized as an Exemplary Application-oriented University in Fujian,pilot university of comprehensive reform of Three Aspects of Education and the national Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Plan University. Being dedicated to the inheritance and innovation of splendid traditional culture and ranking the 10th in Fujian’s undergraduate universities with its development potential, the university has 39 ministerial and provincial-levelscientific research and innovation platforms, among which more than 10 are cultural research platforms . The university will make every effort to develop the China Institute of Quanzhou Cultural Heritage and create a Five-in-One innovation platform for the protection and utilization of cultural heritage research, including “academic research, talent cultivating, archaeological excavation, cultural relics display and think tank service”, and to create aunique, international and  national first-ratecultural heritage research in China.

Lei, Qu, and Chen signed the Cooperation Agreement on behalf of the three sides.

Lei, Zhou, Zhu and Chen unveiled the plaque for China Institute of Quanzhou Cultural Heritage.

Prof. Qu presented the letter of appointment to Prof. Sun Hua, president of the China Institute of Quanzhou Cultural Heritage.

The institute aims to make an in-depth study and implementation onPresident Xi Jinping’s exposition on cultural and heritage protection .And the project on the Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed between Peking University and Fujian Provincial People’s Government in November 2019 will be further carried out as well.

The institute will continuously research the international marine trade center of China in the dynasties of Song and Yuan mainly from the perspectives of Archeology, History, Anthropology, and Sociology.It will integrate all kinds of innovative resources, foster collaboration and cooperation, create a think tank on researching Quanzhou cultural heritage and making a strategic decision, and enhance the city image and its international reputation and influence on cultural heritage. (Office of Academic Research)