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QNU Won Three Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Awards


Recently, the Fujian provincial government announced the list of winners of the 2020 Fujian Science and Technology Awards. QNU, as the first and senior author, received three awards, including the second prize of the Natural Science Award The Design of Highly Active Electrochemical Interface Materials and the Biomedical Detection Applications (by Quanzhou Normal University, Shanghai Normal University, and by Yang Dapeng, Jia Nengqin, Zhuang Junyang); the second prize of Science and Technology Advancement Award Key Technology Research and Development and Industry of Marine Fishing Vessel Communication and Safety Equipment (by Quanzhou Normal University, Fujian Feitong Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Semiconductor Device Factory of Quanzhou Zhongqiao (Group) Co., Ltd., and by Ke Yueqian, Lin Yingshi, Lin Yinghua, Zhang Peizong, Yuan Yipu, Zeng Yongxi, Chen Feng); the third prize of Science and Technology Advancement Award Key Technology for Efficient and Green Processing of Natural Plant Extracts and Creation of Functional Products (by Quanzhou Normal University, Jiangnan University, Damin Food (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. and by Zheng Zongping, He Zhiyong, Guo Fengxian, Weng Shuyi, Chen Hongbin). Besides, the second prize of the Provincial Natural Science Award by the team lead by Prof. Yang Dapeng made a new record in QNU history.

The 2020 Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Awards totaled 195, including 17 Natural Science Awards, 5 Technological Invention Awards, and 173 Science and Technology Advancement Award.