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Fujian Special Education Resource Center Set Up in QNU


Recently, the Education Department of Fujian Province issued the Approving of the Establishment of Fujian Special Education Resource Center Based on Quanzhou Normal University, marking the Center’s official establishment in the School of Special Education in QNU.

Entrusted by the Fujian Provincial Education Department, the Center mainly undertakes the following responsibilities: giving decision-making advice and suggestions for promoting the reform and development of special education, providing professional guidance for special education schools and institutions at all levels, carrying out the diagnosis and evaluation of the quality of special education, guiding regular classes and door-to-door teaching, carrying out special education teacher training and research, offering guidance and support in other work related to special education.

QNU will integrate high-quality special education resources inside and outside the school, strengthen the construction and management of the Center, provide necessary support in space, personnel and funds for the operation of the Center, give full play to its role in professional guidance and leading, and promote the high-quality development of special education in Fujian. The Education Department of Fujian Province will provide necessary financial support .